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Body Kit
Bodykits Dimma Design Concept
DIMMA Design manufactures coachwork kits under the name of DIMMA Design for cars such as Peugeot, Citroen and Renault. For the making of these kits, DIMMA Design uses two materials: polyester and sheet metal.
If DIMMA Design sublets the pressing of sheet metal, every polyester pieces are manufactured by DIMMA Design itself. Not a single machine is used in this step of manufacturing.
Most of the DIMMA Design kits are manufactured with polyester, a mixing of fiberglass and resin. That material is breakable but also repairable.
The DIMMA Design 306 Maxi kit is the one that gives the best transformation quality. Its widened wings are, in fact, made of steel which gives a good painting quality and a better inflexibility. Unfortunately, the setting is a bit longer and the heavy wings, made of steel, appreciably reduce the car performances.
Bodykits Dimma Design
When DIMMA Design became well-known, thanks to its large kit, it decided to extend its range of products. Moreover, the company realised that the demand for coachwork kits was increasing constantly. These products are manufactured thanks to new technologies such as PURIM;